Our first Sunday online

We’re meeting online, through Zoom, this Sunday morning at 11.00 (unless a million Christians logging on at the same time manage to crash the Internet). We’ll be thinking about Paul the apostle, and his priorities as he experienced social distancing (well, prison actually). How did he cope, and how did he focus on what really mattered?

If you’d like to join us, let me know, and I’ll send you a link, and instructions how to use Zoom if you’ve never used it before. It’s fairly easy…

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Strange times

You’ll have noticed there’s a wee virus doing the rounds. Well, sadly, not so wee, and one that is going to have a huge impact on all our lives. No one is quite sure how things are going to work out, but there will be impacts for some of us on our health, on our daily lives, on the lives of our family and friends, on our economy, and on our society. Things that seemed quite stable and settled just a couple of weeks ago now seem shaky and uncertain, maybe even scary. Somebody said to me “It’s like being in a film”. I know what they mean – and I’m certainly hoping for a happy ending

One of the things that this period of social distancing and self-isolation means is that churches in the UK are not going to be holding their usual worship services and other face to face meetings for a while, us included. But we are going to meet in other ways, and continue to stay in touch with each other, and deepen our relationship with God. We’ll post here and on our Facebook page how we’re going to do this.

Strange times like these can be a chance to re-examine things we’ve taken for granted for most of our lives, and think about what our life really is founded on. So if you’re feeling like this, then you’re very welcome to get in touch with David, the minister, or join us at one of our online get-togethers. David’s number is 07975531585 and his email is david.millerstonpastor@gmail.com

Finally, here are some words for folk who are looking for something, or Someone, to lean on in strange times.

Truly my soul finds rest in God;
    my salvation comes from him.
Truly he is my rock and my salvation;
    he is my fortress, I shall never be shaken.
(Psalm 62, verses 1 and 2)

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Spot the difference…

These two glasses look the same, and it’s water in both of them, but there’s one important difference. We’ll find out what that is this Sunday, and see how it helps us to understand Jesus’ words when he says to his followers, “Don’t worry.” Seriously? In a world of storms, climate change, war, and a range of illnesses including corona virus, we’re not to worry? Bold words indeed. If you want to think about how to take them to heart, you’re welcome to join us on Sunday morning at 11.00 am.

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Messy Church in March

Ths Sunday, March 1st, we have Messy Church at 4.00 pm. We’re thinking about how Jesus teaches us to pray. Crafts, games, songs, a story, and a meal together – what’s not to like? Everyone is welcome. If you’d lke to know more abot it,please contact David, the minister, on 07975531585

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In God’s hands – All-age worship service

This Sunday, February 16th, at 11.00 am, we have our all-age worship service, when we’ll be thinking about God’s hands, how He holds onto us, and how He writes our names on His hands, so that we know He remembers us. This is, as the name suggests, a service suitable for people of all ages.Through diferent activities we’ll explore something of what the Bible tells us about God’s hands. Everybody is welcome to join us,

By the way, these aren’t God’s hands – His are much bigger. But does anybody know where these hands are?

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First Messy Church of 2020

Messy Church is on again this Sunday afternoon, February 2nd, at 4.00 pm, when we’re thinking about sowing seeds and listening to God. Crafts, games, songs, a story, and a meal together – what’s not to like?

This is an event for families and not just for children, so the idea is that children come with parents, grandparents or carers. It’s running at a time which we hope will suit families well – after a day chilling or a trip out somewhere perhaps – and in a form that involves doing things together. And we’ll finish in time to get all ready for nursery or school the next day

Everyone is welcome to come and join us, whether you go to church somewhere or whether you never go at all. If you’d like to know any more details about it, please get in touch, by email at david.millerstonpastor@gmail.com or by phoning 07975531585.

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He who has seen me…

What’s our image of God? Perhaps we don’t have one, or if we do, maybe it’s a bit vague. Or perhaps we just think God is too big for us to try to pin down. In one sense that’s true. It’s beyond our finite minds to try to imagine what the infinite Creator of the universe could possibly be like. But the incarnation of Jesus (which is what Christmas is actually celebrating, though it gets a bit harder to pick it out each year) gives us a massive clue – because God, in Jesus, becomes one of us. The Bible refers to Jesus as “the image of God”. One of Jesus’ disciples asked him to show them the Father, and how did Jesus respond? He said, “He who has seen me has seen the Father.” That’s a bold claim, but what if it’s true? Over the coming months we’ll be looking at parts of Luke’s Gospel, seeing what Luke tells us about Jesus, and in turn thinking about how that helps us to a clearer image of God – and to a relationship with Him. You’re welcome to join us any Sunday, at 11.00 am.

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Happy New Year

None of us know what lies ahead of us in 2020. However, the Christian hope, indeed our certainty, is that whatever happens, God is not taken by surprise, even if we are, and He will walk with us and keep us through all things. All we need to do is turn to Him. So, let me wish you a good New Year, and invite you to make it a year in which you seek to encounter Jesus in your daily life, and get to know Him better.

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Watchnight Service

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Our Christmas Eve service is tonight at 11.30 pm. Its a time to enter into Christmas Day with a focus on the birth of Jesus, the event which is at the heart of all our celebrations. And with apologies to Lidl (other supermarkets are available), we’ll be reflecting on the theme “A Christmas You Can Believe In”.

And whether you can join us or not, and however you plan to celebrate the day, we want to wish you a very Merry Christmas.

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Christmas family service

This Sunday, December 15th, at 11.00 am, we have our Christmas family service. This is a celebration of the coming of Jesus into the world, and as we talk and sing and think together about this (with a little help from the Brownies and the nativity play), we’ll reflect on what this means for us and our world today. Oh, and there may be cake and mince pies as well…

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