Happy New Year, or same old same old?

Photos of mist and fog may be very picturesque, but when real life seems foggy and gloomy, it’s a different story. There’s a cartoon of a couple of folk wandering in the desert, and they come across two sets of footprints. After a moment, one of them says to the other – “You know, we’ve been lost here before”.And I guess that’s how it probably feels to many of us at present – the virus running wild, hospital numbers spiralling, the country back in lockdown. Even though we know there are vaccines out there, we also know that there are tough times ahead, before we see a real improvement in the situation. How are we going to get through? We need wisdom…and that’s what we’ll be exploring tomorrow, and in the next few weeks in our online Zoom services. Due to lockdown restrictions our Sunday afternoon Sanctuary Services are suspended, but you are welcome to join us online – just get in touch and we’ll send you the link.

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