Uncharted territory

After over three months of significant restrictions, as the pandemic seems to be easing at least for the present, Scotland is moving out of lockdown. However, in some ways this new period may be as hard as lockdown itself – some people are still shielding or are nervous about going out, some people are desperate to get back to work or shopping, while still others wonder if they will have a job to go back to. Nobody really knows how the next few weeks, months and years will work out, as we begin to count the economic, social and personal costs of the strange and sometimes difficult times we are living through. Some talk about the “new normal”. Perhaps we would be wiser to think about a move into uncharted territory.

As a church, we’re continuing our Sunday morning services on Zoom, with plans to move back to worship in and from the church itself when it is safe to do so. At the moment we’re learning some lessons from the experience of the early church in the book of Acts who were also moving into uncharted territory – nobody had ever been church before, so everything was new. There are lots of helpful insights, and some challenges, for us in our situation today If you’d like to join us on any Sunday, please send an email to david.millerstonpastor@gmail.com and we’ll send you the link.

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