He who has seen me…

What’s our image of God? Perhaps we don’t have one, or if we do, maybe it’s a bit vague. Or perhaps we just think God is too big for us to try to pin down. In one sense that’s true. It’s beyond our finite minds to try to imagine what the infinite Creator of the universe could possibly be like. But the incarnation of Jesus (which is what Christmas is actually celebrating, though it gets a bit harder to pick it out each year) gives us a massive clue – because God, in Jesus, becomes one of us. The Bible refers to Jesus as “the image of God”. One of Jesus’ disciples asked him to show them the Father, and how did Jesus respond? He said, “He who has seen me has seen the Father.” That’s a bold claim, but what if it’s true? Over the coming months we’ll be looking at parts of Luke’s Gospel, seeing what Luke tells us about Jesus, and in turn thinking about how that helps us to a clearer image of God – and to a relationship with Him. You’re welcome to join us any Sunday, at 11.00 am.

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