The Big Quiz 2019

On Saturday evening, November 16th, we are one of the venues across the country for what aims to be the UK’s largest multi-venue quiz. This is organised by the Christian relief agency Tearfund, in aid of women victims of civil war in Nigeria. With rounds on Books, Stage and Screen , Nature, Sport, History, Geography, Music, Food and Drink, and a picture round, there will be questions that people of almost any age can answer. So why not come along and join a team, or even bring a team, and enjoy a night of fun, knowing that at the same time you will be helping to make a difference in the lives of some of the world’s most vulnerable people. We suggest a donation of £5 per person, but you are welcome to make any contribution you would like.

The quiz starts at 7.45 pm, with refreshments from 7.15 pm. You are welcome simply to turn up on the night, but it will help us with our planning if you let us know if you plan to come along. And for more information, please contact David, the minister.

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