I believe in the church – but what does that mean?

Church - showroomChurches are everywhere, so of course we believe in them – how could you not? So what do we mean when we use the words of the Apostles’ Creed to declare our faith and we say “I believe in the church”? Are we just saying we believe in the fact of buildings or institutions (and so many of them)? Or do we mean something more, and if so, what? What is the church anyway? That’s what we’re going to be thinking about this coming Sunday. And (spoiler alert) we’re going to see that somewhere in the midst of all these different denominations and organisations, there is God’s church – the people He has brought into being through the work of Jesus and the gift of His Holy Spirit. The church is God’s family, a group of very imperfect people, who recognise our need of Jesus and His power to forgive us and to change us, so that we can love and serve God, and so that we can be a channel His love for the world. if you look at the picture, which is a photo of one of the newer churches in Glasgow, you see that they’re using a building which used to be a tile showroom. The sign is still there. And that’s what the church – God’s showroom, where his love and transforming power is seen. Amazingly, the church is God’s “show and tell”. Now, that’s something worth believing in.

If you want to know a bit more, and see how you can find your home in God’s family, you’re welcome to join us this Sunday or any Sunday at 11.00 am for our morning worship time…or if you want to talk a bit more with David, the minister, you can phone him on 07975531585 or email him at david.millerstonpastor@gmail.com.

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