Easter approaches

Brian's Easter paintingEaster is approaching – that’s a given, and there are just over three weeks to go. But how do we approach Easter? Is it just an extra holiday weekend, soon after the spring holidays at the start of April? Or an excuse for a chocfest, with a special meal on Easter Sunday, followed by a walk and an egg hunt on Monday?

For Christians, Easter is more than that. In fact, what we celebrate at Easter is right at the heart of what Christians believe. It starts with the death of Jesus on the cross, and we shouldn’t downplay the horror of that, both the physical pain Jesus suffered and also the sense of desolation as he felt that God, his Father, had abandoned him. And sometimes in our own experience we can feel that same sense of desolation, and we ask ourselves, “Where is God?”. However, the death of Jesus is not the end of the Easter story. Instead, Jesus rises from death, breaking its power and entering into new life. And the great news is that this is not just an event from the distant past which has nothing to do with us today. Instead, his death is how God deals with all the mess and sin and evil in this world, including the mess and sin in our own lives. And the new, everlasting life he enters into when he rises from the dead is life which he offers to us, so that we too can be free from the fear of death. Not only that, but it makes it possible for us to know God ourselves, in daily life now.

This is worth celebrating, and worth considering if you’ve never thought about it before. So, if you would like to join us at any of our Easter activities then you’ll be very welcome.

On Saturday 6th April between 10.00 and 11.00 am, we’ll be looking at  some of the Art of Easter, and seeing how it helps us understand the story better.

On Saturday 13th April, also between 10.00 and 11.00 am there will be the chance for quiet reflection on the Words of Jesus from the Cross

On Friday 19th April at 7.00 pm we have our Good Friday evening service, with communion.

On Sunday 21st April, Easter Sunday, at 11.00 am we have our service celebrating the resurrection of Jesus. Then we stay on for a soup and sandwich lunch (and probably some chocolate eggs as well).

You’re welcome to join us at any of these gatherings.

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