All things new…

loch - sunshine - croppedClimate change, oceans choking with plastic, cities choking with pollution – the world is clearly not how it’s meant to be.  And so much of this is the fault of humans. Our actions affect the planet, and our fate seems to be linked to the fate of the planet. So, is the situation hopeless? Is there any point even trying to change things?

This Sunday, in our final harvest season service, we are looking at God’s promise to make all things new, to redeem all those who choose to follow Him, and to restore this broken world. It is this hope of a world renewed which should inspire all Christians to care for God’s creation, as we anticipate what he will ultimately do.

                  “For the beauty of the earth: Three sermons for Harvest season                              3 – All things new…”

You are welcome to join us at 11.00 am

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