What the disciples did next…

In our Sunday morning services we are looking at what the disciples of Jesus did after his resurrection and his ascension. Luke records this in the book of Acts, tracing the birth of the church from Pentecost and its rapid growth in Jerusalem through events like the first Christian martyr (Stephen) and the conversion of Paul to the church spreading into Europe and as far as Rome itself. But is this just a study of ancient history? Not at all – the story of the church is still going on. It’s a story of people finding forgiveness, new life and new purpose in Jesus. It’s a story of how people followed, and still follow Jesus, even when things get tough. Whether we already follow Jesus or whether we’re interested in finding out why people did and still do become followers, Acts has got a lot to teach us. You’re welcome to join us on Sunday mornings at 11.00 to join in our worship and our discovering.

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