Celebrate Easter – the day that changes everything

So whatBrian's Easter painting’s Easter all about?

Eggs, bunnies, a good Sunday roast and a spring break? All good things, but what if there’s more? What if the Easter story that the Bible tells, that Jesus was executed on a cross, that he was buried and that he rose again on the third day, what if this story is true? What a difference it makes. It means that death is not the end, that for all who turn to Jesus there is the promise of new and eternal life. It also means that there is forgiveness  for those times when we mess up, when we do something that we know is wrong or that hurts others, and that we wish we could undo. If God can bring Jesus back from the dead, then He can certainly bring new  hope to our situations that seem hopeless. That’s the good     news of Easter, and that’s why we celebrate. If you want to know more, and hear about  the meaning of Jesus’ death and the evidence for Jesus’ resurrection, you’re welcome to join us at any of our Easter events.

 Good Friday – March 30th – 7.30 pm                                                                                 A service of readings, prayers and Holy Communion

Easter Sunday morning – April 1st

Lochside service – 9.00 am                                                                                                   An open air service near the carpark at Hogganfield Loch, with other local churches

Easter Sunday celebration –“Easter: Fake news or true?” –11.00 am            Jesus has risen and sin and death are defeated, so we gather to celebrate this amazing truth

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