So much for spring – but we’re on on Sunday

Church with snow and sunshineIt looks like the worst of the weather brought courtesy of “The Beast From The East” has left us behind, but many roads are still thick with fallen snow. However, the paths to the church are clear and the road beside has space for some parking, so we will have our regular morning service tomorrow, March 4th at 11.00 am. We will, however, be meeting in the small hall on the right hand side of the church. Everybody is welcome to join us.

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Happy New Year

We want to wish you a very happy New Year as we enter 2018. May it be a year in which you sense God drawing you to Himself, and a year in which you come to know Jesus better, or perhaps even meet Him for the first time.

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Our Christmas services

Coffee and quiet - candleSunday is Christmas Eve. In the midst of the last minute preparations and rush, we invite you to come and worship with us, as we focus on the coming of Jesus. Though it’s easy to think of Christmas as just a time of eating, drinking, presents and parties, at its heart Christmas is the celebration of Jesus’ birth. So why not come and join us at one of our services, and take time to hear again the beginning of the greatest story ever told – and even better because it’s true.

Readings and carols for Christmas – 11.00 am

We gather to sing some familiar carols and some newer ones, to read again the story of the coming of Jesus, the Light of the World, and to reflect on what this means for us today.

Christmas Eve Watchnight Service – 11.30 pm

Our traditional Watchnight service with carols, Bible readings, and a reflection on the birth of Jesus. It’s a chance to enter Christmas Day with a focus on the Christ child at the heart of Christmas.

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Coffee and Quiet at Christmas

 Saturday 16th December, 10.30 am – 2.30 pm

A Candlelight Service of Memories - Millerston ChurchIn the middle of all the rush, pressure and busy-ness of Christmas, it’s easy to lose sight of the the heart of the Christmas message – Jesus, God with us. So why not take a few minutes thisCoffee and quiet - candle Saturday to come and sit in the quiet of the church. Take the chance to listen to some Christmas music, to reflect on the heart of the Christmas story, and to enjoy a cup of coffee or tea. You are welcome to come and stay for as short or as long a time as you like.

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Remembrance Sunday

This Sunday is Remembrance Sunday, the day when the nation pauses to remember those who have fallen in two world wars, and in many smaller conflicts since. In our church service we will also be remembering, and observing two minutes silence at 11.00 am. As well as this act of remembrance we will also spend time praying for peace in a world still torn apart by conflict. Our service begins at 10.50 am, and you are welcome to join us if you want to mark the day.

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Playgroup restarts

After a breplaygroup-2ak over the summer, and on a new day, we are delighted to let people know that our playgroup “Little Butterflies” restarts this Thursday. Mums, Dads, grandparents and carers are all welcome to come along to the church with their little ones at 10.00 am for a time for the children to play and for everyone to enjoy a chat over tea and coffee.

For more information please contact Donna Todd who coordinates the group, on 07508723318

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…and speaking of faith

The calendar tells us it’s summer, but this is Scotland. So, outside, it’s been raining, and as I write this it’s damp and overcast, and I find myself getting excited about a day that, according to the weather forecast, offers “a mixture of sunshine and showers”. No wonder people who can afford to will head off seeking the sun somewhere else. While you’re in Scotland, acknowledging it’s summer can seem a question of faith.

And speaking of faith…that’s one of the things which Christians do. It’s how the good news of Jesus spreads, as we talk about it with family, friends, neighbours and communities. Over the next few Sundays we’re going to be thinking about why and how we do this, and how we do it well. We’ll be thinking about just what is the good news that we can share, how we can do it, and how we respond to the questions which can make it hard for people to believe. So whether you’re a Christian wanting to know more about this or someone who is wondering about faith in Jesus and wanting to have some of your questions answered, you’re welcome to join us each Sunday at 11.00 am.

And wherever you go during this summer, I hope it’s a good and relaxing one for you.

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Jesus died and rose – but so what?

He is RisenThe Easter celebrations may already seem a long time ago – but for Christians these weeks after Easter are a time to reflect not just on the fact that Jesus died and rose, but on what this all means. For the next few weeks we’ll be looking at some passages in Matthew’s Gospel which help us see some of the different ways in the Easter story matters to us today.

April 23rd – Jesus died and rose for sinners

April 30th – Jesus died and rose for those beyond hope

May 7th – Jesus died and rose to defeat the evil one

May 14th – Jesus died and rose to build the church

May 21st – Jesus died and rose for those who don’t matter

May 28th – Jesus died and rose to free the rich

June 4th – Jesus died and rose for the nations

You are welcome to join us at any of these Sunday morning services.

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Easter – The Day That Changes Everything

He is RisenAll around the world this weekend Christians will be celebrating the events of Easter – Jesus death on the cross followed by the wonderful surprise of his resurrection. Through the cross, Jesus takes on himself God’s judgement on sins, and through the resurrection, death is defeated. New life is offered to all who turn to Christ – and all this is worth celebrating. If you want to know more about Easter then you are welcome to join us at any of our services this weekend.

       Good Friday – April 14th – 7.30 pm  

A service of readings, prayers and Holy Communion

Easter Sunday morning – Lochside service –9.00 am 

           An open air service near the carpark at Hogganfield Loch, with other local churches

Easter Sunday morning – “Good news” –11.00 am 

           Jesus has risen and sin and death are defeated, so we gather to celebrate this amazing good news.

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Living in dreamland? – The vision and the challenge of the Sermon on the Mount

Matthew's Gospel - LumoCan you imagine a world in which people love their enemies and forgive each other the hurts they cause? A world in which people are not caught up in the frantic hunt for stuff but instead learn a contentment and joy in what they have? A world in which people are not judged and brought down by others? Many people would say that it’s impossible, that folk who imagine such a world are living in dreamland. Well, that’s the vision which Jesus gives his followers in his teaching that Matthew records in his Gospel. Today we call it the Sermon on the Mount. Each Sunday in our morning services for the next few weeks we are looking at this amazing vision. How can it come to be? And that’s the challenge – because if we want it to become a reality, it needs to start with us. It needs to start with us admitting that if we’re going to live like this we need to be changed from the inside out. So, if you’re caught by the vision, or if you want to find out why Christians can seem like we’re living in dreamland, you’ll be very welcome to come along and join us, any Sunday at 11.00 am.

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