…and speaking of faith

The calendar tells us it’s summer, but this is Scotland. So, outside, it’s been raining, and as I write this it’s damp and overcast, and I find myself getting excited about a day that, according to the weather forecast, offers “a mixture of sunshine and showers”. No wonder people who can afford to will head off seeking the sun somewhere else. While you’re in Scotland, acknowledging it’s summer can seem a question of faith.

And speaking of faith…that’s one of the things which Christians do. It’s how the good news of Jesus spreads, as we talk about it with family, friends, neighbours and communities. Over the next few Sundays we’re going to be thinking about why and how we do this, and how we do it well. We’ll be thinking about just what is the good news that we can share, how we can do it, and how we respond to the questions which can make it hard for people to believe. So whether you’re a Christian wanting to know more about this or someone who is wondering about faith in Jesus and wanting to have some of your questions answered, you’re welcome to join us each Sunday at 11.00 am.

And wherever you go during this summer, I hope it’s a good and relaxing one for you.

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